The Elder Scrolls Online begins its dungeon-delving Undaunted event [Update: Now disabled]

Sans daunts.

Do you consider yourself generally lacking in daunts when it comes to The Elder Scrolls Online? Resistant to being daunted? Undaunted, if you will? Because the newest event in the game is specifically for those wholly free of daunts, as the Undaunted event rewards players with special loot for clearing through dungeons during its run time: November 14th (today) through November 18th. And yes, all players need to do to participate is to take on dungeons, slaughter final bosses, and earn special boxes of goodies along the way.

There are new styles to earn during the event, as well. Opal Monster weapon styles can be earned through the special loot offered for your first clear of a given boss, while the Opal Monster mask is obtained from high-end Veteran dungeons and the Opal Monster shoulders come from vendors. There’s also the prospect of unlocking a new mount from event ticket rewards, giving you all the more reason to dive into a dungeon and hack your way through the most deadly denizens. It might seem like a challenge, perhaps even daunting, but well… that’s the point of this event. You’re dauntless. (The positive descriptor, not the game of the same name.)

In other news on the corporate side, it looks like Bethesda has picked up Human Head Studios immediately following its closure, meaning that no jobs were lost but the developer is now owned by Bethesda.

Well, that didn’t last long.

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