Wild Terra 2 shows off 25 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay footage


It’s often better to show and not tell, and the folks at Juvty Worlds have a whole lot to show regarding Wild Terra 2, the recently announced self-published sequel. In fact, they have 25 minutes worth of showing for curious fans.

The footage in question, according to the email we received from Juvty Worlds, is better than the announcement video footage (their words, not ours) and showcases the first 25 minutes of life in Wild Terra 2 from an internal pre-alpha build. Most of the footage is what you’d expect from the opening beats of a sandbox, from character creation to tool crafting to being harassed by extremely rude and angry goats.

If you’ve been wanting to see Wild Terra 2 in action before tossing in a monetary pledge, you can get your eyes full in the embed below.

source: press release, thanks to Panagiotis for the initial tip!
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They are making a Wild Terra 2?… The first one has… 3 players online.