The Division 2’s Title Update 6.1 is bringing Hardcore Mode and the Situation: Snowball seasonal event


Just because the Washington, D.C., of The Division 2’s fiction is under siege doesn’t mean that Agents can’t enjoy a bit of holiday cheer. With Title Update 6.1, players can look forward to some season-appropriate cheer (even if it’s inappropriate to the situation they’re in), or they can feed their masochist side with some Hardcore Mode shenanigans.

Situation: Snowball will see players getting a care package that features a Santa hat and three pieces of equipment. The event will also add Ambusher crews that randomly appear with Santa hats on; killing the Santa hat-wearing Hoarder NPC offers a chance at a new weapon known as the Sleigher, which fires snowballs that confuse enemies it hits. The Santa Ambusher crews and Sleigher weapon are random events, but the Sleigher is guaranteed to drop the first time.

There will also be a Silent Night Apparel Event running until the end of December, granting regular players a free Apparel Cache key and Year One owners three additional keys. Speaking of Apparel Cache keys, players will be able to earn more of them by finishing Field Proficiencies, Dark Zone Proficiencies, or Weekly Apparel Projects. Keys can also be gifted to other players.

For those who would rather not bother with snowball guns, the update is introducing Hardcore Mode. This mode features permadeath and locks access to the Stash, but players can earn unique vanity rewards like a YOLO hat for reaching level 2. Hardcore Mode can only be played on mode-specific servers, and any rewards earned from the mode can’t be transferred to regular mode characters.

There’s also a number of fixes and balance adjustments due with the update, all of which is coming on Tuesday, December 10th. You can get all of the details in the State of the Game post.