Final Fantasy XI brings out some extra style for this year’s Starlight Celebration

Sort of like jingles.

Are you tired of sitting down in the most boring and tedious fashion possible in Final Fantasy XI? Do you feel your muscles clench as you groan, seeing your character flop upon the ground once again, screaming to the heavens that there has to be a better way? Then you really need another hobby. Also, you can get a new sitting emote in this year’s Starlight Celebration, along with taking part in minigames, buying seasonal attire, earning Orchestrion rolls, and so forth.

But really, is any of that nearly as important as choosing how you sit down in a purely cosmetic emote?

Meanwhile, Square-Enix is taking its whole success with multiplayer experiences in a different directions by opening up a new Ninja Theme Park next year in Japan’s Tokyo Tower. This includes a variety of digital and real-life attractions, which is something the studio has experimented with before (for example, the limited-time run of the Final Fantasy XIV-themed escape room). You can probably use as many sitting emotes as you want there, although as it’s the real world we usually just call that “sitting down.”