Albion Online takes a look at its 2019 and shares a mid-season report on the Avalonian Invasion


It’s time to look back at the past and report on the present of Albion Online, as the devs have written up a couple of posts wrapping up the sandbox title’s 2019 and offered a report from the battlefield of the Avalonian Invasion.

The 2019 retrospective arrived in two parts, with part the first recounting development updates and part the second collecting several favorite community creations. There perhaps isn’t too much revelatory for regular players of Albion Online, but it does give a nice look back at what has arrived before and maybe will turn fans on to some of the game’s content creators. The first post does close out with promise of January’s Queen update bringing “massive new systems” like Guild Hideouts, Elite Avalonian Dungeons, open-world battles for territory control, and the Crystal League.

As for what’s occurring in the game now, there’s been a mid-season round-up of the ongoing Avalonian Invasion that we peeked in on a couple of times, at least in regards to territory control. So far, the guild Error 404 take the top spot as of December 30th, but there’s less than a month left in this season and promise of numerous territory resets to come, so it’s still anyone’s race. Presumably.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3)

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I keep wanting to get back in Albion Online but the end-game is so big guild focused that I just keep getting turned off.