Lord of the Rings Online begins testing three new Minas Morgul instances


Lord of the Rings Online’s Bullroarer test server is delivering up a new patch today as 25.2.1 – and new instances – run the test circuit, albeit briefly. It’s up today and tomorrow, then back next week.

“New Minas Morgul instances will be available tomorrow (01/09) for your feedback,” Standing Stone Games wrote last night. “They are not 100% done, so please feel free to yell at us about bugs and balance, etc. We will only have a short preview this week, but there will be another Bullroarer deployment early next week.”

The trio of instances are Bar Nirnaeth, The Houses of Lamentation; Ghashan-Kutot, The Halls of Black Lore; and The Fallen Kings.

There are a few other notable bits to the update, including tweaks to pet class pet damge, new craftable gear, cooking recipe adjustments, fixed dye channels on some wearables, and “item level bonuses for gear has been corrected for Minas Morgul Instance Tiers.”


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