Netmarble will begin merging Lineage 2 Revolution’s servers this month

Lineage what, now? Huh?

Netmarble’s Lineage 2 Revolution mobile MMO was one of the big mobile hits of 2017 and 2018, driving millions of players to yet another version of NCsoft’s original Lineage franchise and boosting Netmarble’s financial fortunes. Indeed, as of the company’s last financial report in November 2019, L2R was still creating significant revenue for the company, as much as 14% – tied in the company’s top slot with Marvel Contest of Champions.

All that said, it does sound as if the playerbase has dropped a bit, as the company announced last night that it’s preparing server merges ahead of some big content updates in 2020.

“Providing a stable and enjoyable gameplay environment has always been one of the highest priorities for the Lineage 2: Revolution team. It’s because we believe that the heart of a MMORPG is community content, which requires frequent, real-time interaction between players. In Lineage 2: Revolution, players can grow and achieve more through the various community content, including a number of PVP matching content and the recently updated Main Profession Commissions Office, has also provided another way to grow community through player interaction. In addition, more community content will be released in 2020. Therefore, the size and density of the community will be crucial to guarantee player interaction and achievement. The Lineage team has been discussing this situation and after careful consideration, we’ve came to the conclusion that a server merge is inevitable to maintain a productive and dynamic gameplay environment.”

The merges will begin on January 21st, with about a million caveats for character names, guild names, PvP resets, and cash shop currency, so if you’re a live player, make sure to check out the whole rundown.

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