PlanetSide 2 provides an update on server hardware replacements for eastern US players


This past Tuesday, nearly all of the servers for PlanetSide 2 got replaced. I say “nearly all” because the eastern US servers did not get upgraded due to some logistical issues according to a developer forum post.

Specifics on what sort of logistics issues the team ran into weren’t elaborated upon (not like many would appreciate them anyway), but the post does promise that the folks at Rogue Planet are working with the tech ops team at Daybreak to get the upgrade done. The plan is to have the server upgrade complete alongside the game’s next major update in order to line up maintenance windows. The next update doesn’t have a set date yet but will be offered once timelines are ironed out.

For the record, the wait sounds like it should be worth it for PlanetSide 2 fans. The other regions that were able to receive the new hardware are reportedly offering positive feedback. Also, the current hardware sounds like it desperately needs to be retired. “The PlanetSide 2 Live Server Hardware that we replaced/upgraded […] was from launch back in 2012. So like 7+ years old. Lots of exhausted hamsters,” reads the post.

Speaking of behind-the-scenes work on PlanetSide 2, one of the lead level designers went live on Twitch yesterday with a stream of chill tunes and level asset work for the game’s next patch. You can watch that video below if you’re interested.

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Question for anyone still playing…Is TR the new NC? Popped back in recently and noticed TR was super low pop, didn’t have a single planet, and I was getting pretty frequently team killed while medics and engineers ignored my desperate please for health/repairs/ammo.

Because it sure felt like TR was the new NC : /


Depends on the server, and it varies over time and the time of day.


2,000 average players on a weeknight ain’t bad. Just wish they would merge US servers together. I remember the whole point of the east and west coast servers were to combat ping for competitive aspects.. well we seen how that went.