Torchlight III discusses adjustments being made to combat, skill progression, and harvesting


With Torchlight III firmly in its current phase of alpha, the folks at Echtra Games are keen to address some of the major points of player feedback since Update 10 has been out in the wild, and they’ve outlined that plan in a dev blog.

[AL:TL3]First off, they’ve received feedback about skill acquisition not feeling impactful enough, and so will be adjusting skills to have a per-level bonus at levels 4, 8, and 12 a la Torchlight II. The level 4 bonus should make the skill feel better to use, the level 8 skill will add a big synergy bonus (replacing the per-level synergy bonus), and level 12 will introduce a “super-charging change” of some sort. These updates will take a few patches to apply, and some classes will get these changes first before others, but they are in the works.

Next, the team is addressing the way combat feels in Torchlight III, with escape skills that activate on one click, reducing the time it takes for damage to come out on skill activation to make sure players don’t feel locked in place, and improving player-to-monster collision in order to help players slide around groups of monsters easier.

Finally, the team are going to make a few tweaks to harvesting to make it feel more important and less of a chore, such as reducing the number of nodes by half in order to make finding a harvest node “feel more special and surprising” and a tactical bonus to a character after harvesting such as increased movement speed or more move speed, attack speed, and crit chance. This update should arrive with the next Mainline patch.

source: Steam
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