Camelot Unchained offers a look at a new RvR testing zone and the item infusion system

Burn me bro.

Camelot Unchained, ultimately, is an RvR MMO, but a lot of the scenarios that have been tested up to this point have been mainly about focused experiences or mechanics. That looks to be changing soon with an in-development RvR island zone, which was part of this week’s Top Tenish list in CSE’s weekly update post.

The new testing zone will be an island roughly eight kilometers across, with starting plots for each realm located roughly two kilometers from a large castle plot located near the center of the map. There are also seven tower plots located around the map, with two located relatively close to each realm’s starting plot and one in a neutral position at the center. Each plot will ultimately feature a player-created building that’s been designed by members of the Builder’s Brigade.

According to Mark Jacobs, this new island will be one of the first times Camelot Unchained will be testing its basic gameplay beats instead of a time-limited scenario with specific rules and victory conditions. This means that this zone will persist through the duration of testing, with no resets or end. This new zone will also introduce new mechanics like Keep Lords, defensive NPCs, and a system to alert players when locations are under attack.

In addition to the weekly update, the latest newsletter provides a deep dive of the infusions system that lets crafters change an item’s physical or magical properties such as sharpness or the tensile strength of blocks. Infusions aren’t just basic improvements to items, however, as the system will have some levels of depth and interplay that crafters will have to consider such as how and when to use them, how they work or don’t work with other infusions, or how stable they are.

The weekly update offers the usual cornucopia of updates as well, like work on support classes, updates to Cherry Keep, and some updates to the C.U.B.E. building tool. There’s also the usual monthly update video that has more for Camelot Unchained fans to unpack below, or you can get caught up on the demo shown back in February right here.


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Mark Jacobs, is there anywhere we can see a currently development timeline for the game? Projected date for open beta and release?


There is a reason I backed (one of the few I have backed) Camelot Unchained.

Back in the day, the PvP in DAoC was quite fun, even for a generally non-PvP person like me. Seeing what the CU team can do with the major focus being PvP is something I want to experience.

Mark Jacobs

Thanks, it is appreciated. We’re giving our IT folks a first look at the basic layout of the scenario today or tomorrow (depending on the current state of Hatchery) so we’re off to a good start.

Thanks again for your support and patience, it is much appreciated.