Warframe details upcoming PC version adjustments to Rising Tide, armor, health, and shields


It looks like there’s going to be a whole lot of refinement for the PC version of Warframe in the very near future. The folks at Digital Extremes have offered an in-depth look at upcoming changes in the next mainline patch for PC, which will see adjustments to the Rising Tide content and how players earn their own Railjack, and a variety of tweaks to character and enemy armor, health, and shields among other things.

When Rising Tide first arrived, it was mostly tuned for veteran players in terms of what they had to do in order to unlock their spaceship. Now, however, things are getting tuned down in the interest of easier onboarding: There will be a revised series of Blueprints that sees costs reduced between 66% – 75% for Railjack parts, and building time will be reduced to six hours each. Those who have just started building their Railjack will get a Rush Repair Drone, transition to new costs on the next Stage, and see their old costs refunded, while those who have completed Rising Tide will get two Rush Repair Drones and see all costs refunded.

The way armor, health, and shields work will be changing a fair bit, too. Enemy health, shields, and armor will now be on an S-curve instead of an exponential one; slashing damage will now deal damage over time to shields instead of bypass them; player shields now reduce 25% of incoming damage and recharge with a custom player-only logic; one-shots that deplete player shields (aka shield gating) will now no longer push the rest of that damage to player health pools; and enemies shield gating will operate similarly, though that defense can be bypassed with either skilled shots or proper Mods.

These are just a few of the wide swath of changes arriving in this mainline patch, including the replacement of self-damage with various forms of Stagger, scaling adjustments to Excavation missions, tweaks to Titania and Vauban, and much more. All of these adjustments are due at some point early this week, followed close behind by Operation: Scarlet Spear, which brings the Operation Link feature, a new weapon class to earn, a new MOA personality, and the second Deluxe Collection for Nova in early March.

There’s a lot to digest here, so get comfortable as you read through the complete dev workshop or watch the latest devstream below.

source: official site (1, 2), thanks sophiskiai for the tip!


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Please don’t do puff piece. They are doing this because the last year had been bad update after bad update. They are nerfing things have never complained about. Other things that have been complained about for years they ignore especially HOST MIGRATION which in 2020 the game shouldn’t be peer to peer. This means if the host quits early you lose all your work. People have lost hours of work because of this.


So by simply sharing/reporting on the information that the devs are making changes (I don’t see any unwarranted praise or scathing criticism)…it’s a puff piece?

Tee Parsley

Came back to Warframe recently after a couple of years hiatus: More incomprehensible than ever. My favorite Frames’s powers had all changed, they managed to drop potatoes from a bunch of my weapons, and my unlocked solar system is now weirdly patchwork. ETC.

Guess I should come back again after the new update, so everyone will be trying to figure out the new stuff…..


Reworks happen at times, usually for frames were the powers don’t work quite well. The starmap changes happened ages ago in 2016. I never heard of being reactors or catalysts being removed from weapons. As the forums and reddit would be on fire if that happened and you obviously have been gone for around 4 years I doubt your memory in this case.

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The game is and has been only becoming less incomprehensible with each update, as long as you read the wiki first and learn about things like ability changes in the simulacrum.