Bless Unleashed is hard at work fixing bugs and errors

That's quite the moustache, my friend.

AsĀ Bless Unleashed moves into the choppy waters of launch from the more placid seas of beta and headstart, it needs to address a number of niggling issues that have been noted with the game. The good news is that many of these issues have already been fixed, and even more of them are getting fixed today. For example, the Wolf King has had his XP reduced and had reward scaling disabled, while both the Wolf King and Faceless Captain’s fixed uncommon items no longer dismantle into anything, thus discouraging players from turning the Wolf King and Faceless Captain into endless fonts of rewards.

Other fixes include correcting a server crash from looting, a bug preventing skills, traps, and projectiles from hitting enemy players in the Arena, and some objectives for Invasion events not displaying properly. There are still some known issues being worked on, like the daily reset timers displaying a time four hours too early for the actual reset, but it’s clear that these issues are actually being identified and fixed.

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