Conan Exiles patches in proper follower management on all platforms


It’s patch day for Conan Exiles, and yes, that’s for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Cheers for parity! Funcom’s latest addition to the game is the long-awaited followers management system. Wait, hear us out – it’s not as boring as the name implies, as it’s all about new interactions with your thrallish dudes and dudettes

“From a new tab in your player menu you’ll now be able to get information and manage your followers at a glance, adding a few new QoL improvements as well. Check their stats, location in the map, break bonds or – new in this patch – rescue them. All of it from a new snappy screen we’re sure you’ll grow to love during your adventures in the Exiled Lands. We’ve improved on this feature thanks to all the feedback our community has been sharing with us during its Testlive period, with multiple fixes and refinements.”

There are a few other quality-of-life and bug fixes in the patch notes, so give ’em a quick look.

There’s a new producer letter on the update too:


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It doesn’t solve a major issue that player’s want fixed. Crafting recipe management folders so you don’t have to go through the entire list to find what you want to craft.

Dro Gul

You could just type a few letters of the item…


I don’t know if that’s an option on consoles or not, but even if it is, a lot of people don’t have keyboards on their consoles.

I don’t know that I’d call it a “major issue”, but it really would be a great quality-of-life update to better-organize the crafting UI. It wasn’t so bad on launch, but with all the additions to the game (both free and DLC) things have gotten a bit out of hand.


Nope no search on console which is why it’s an issue.