Black Desert Mobile releases Ascension and preps for the Dark Knight, PC version continues its anniversary

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There’s a whole lot new in the world of Black Desert. There’s updates for mobile that have brought Ascension for the game’s classes, the near-arrival of the Dark Knight, and more world bosses, and the PC version is continuing the party with more of its fourth anniversary celebration.

First, to Black Desert Mobile: The latest update has kicked off Ascension options for every class, granting players some new levels of power, along with Alchemy Stones, a level cap raise to 70, and new higher difficulty chambers for the Ancient Ruins.

In addition, mobile is seeing a new “season” for the game’s world bosses, with stronger versions of Nouver, Karanda, and Kzarka that will offer several new rewards like higher-grade Black Stones, gear, and accessories. Finally, the Dark Knight class is almost arriving to the game, meaning there’s a pre-registration event to hop in to for those eager for the class.

Over on the PC side, the fourth anniversary continues with three new boss monsters that come from the Dark Rift, a number of goodies for those who play for certain lengths of time, and quests that task players with killing a number of monsters in certain locations for Marni’s Stones that can be turned in for Shakatu’s Seals; there’s a whole table in the link with the specifics, and events run on either March 11th or March 12th.

In addition to the fourth anniversary, there’s been an update to Black Desert with accuracy nerfs for certain class skills as well as other class adjustments for players to brush up on.

Finally, the console versions are celebrating cross-play with one another, and who else but Megan Fox should join in the party? She absolutely has, and that video is below.

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