Ashes of Creation shows off an hour’s worth of gameplay from alpha one


Earlier this week, Intrepid Studios had promised to deliver some gameplay from the alpha one build of Ashes of Creation, and deliver it did, with at least an hour of party gameplay that was all killer and no filler.

The stream sought to provide as much of a look at what Ashes of Creation has to offer, with the title’s new hybrid combat, a caravan PvP flagging system, basic mayor node management features, real-time node development, a basic fishing system, and a boss fight (that the devs weren’t supposed to be fighting, apparently).

The stream also detailed some of the systems as well, explaining mayor duties such as allotting coffer money to things like conscripting mercenaries, assigning escorts for caravans, issuing buy orders, and sending emissaries to build trade agreements. It also detailed how node buy-in costs continually increase in order to prevent players from all becoming citizens of only one node, and elaborated on what fishing means for the alchemy profession as well as how certain fish can only be found from certain locations like while on a boat or a ship.

As for when alpha will begin, there’s currently no timetable yet, but there will be other content details and articles that will be released as the devs continue to create content for alpha and add polish. Basically, when it’s done, it’s done. For now, you can get a look at what’s been created thus far in the video embed below.


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I was excited when I saw this but after reading more about the game, I’m disappointed. There’s a lot that hasn’t been talked about but is pretty huge for a lot of people:

Korean MMO style gear enchanting

All death, even an unflagged PvE player, has a chance to loose gathered items upon death, and the game has a heavy focus on crafted gear so you’re going to need those gathered items. And if you PK someone, not repeatedly, but even just once, you have a chance to drop weapons and armor. There’s also XP debt upon death but depending on how it’s handled it may be nothing more than a minor annoyance, so who knows on this one.

And this is just what I found when trying to research gear so I don’t know what else is out there I missed. I hope they change course on these things. I don’t want another Korean style MMO. I was hoping we’d get a quality Western designed MMO here but it’s starting to look like that’s not the case. Really though when a guy who loves Lineage 2 and Archeage makes a game, I don’t know what I expected.


Props to them for being so transparent they should be proud of what they had to show off.


What i hate is the whole thing about majors and kings getting special abilities. If i am playing this game like mad and i am in a strong guild that has dozens of players that really play their ass off, there is no justification to only let the guild leader get all the benefits.

There should be a guild-role system where everyone with role “officer” for example has the permission to build houses, change taxes, do stuff to the node that the guild controls. A guild-role/rank like “veteran” or “member” has access to guild perks like flying mounts and so on as well as some other perks (guild bank withdraw rights and what not).

Not every guild is a dictatorship. Guilds most often have a council of officers. There should be NOTHING only a guild leader can do except disbanding the guild maybe.

EVERYONE in the guild with a particular rank should be able to access certain guild perks that the guild has earned because of their nodes etc. MMOs are about communities. Guilds are important! Its not about the individual. Therefor making it all about 1 player being major, king etc is BS in my opinion.

Of course a guild rank system with permissions/ranks is necessary anyway. So why not just add certain roles associated for perks/nodes to it.

E.g. Create new guild rank:
– [ ] Has access to officer chat
– [ ] Has access to node management
– [ ] Has access to node settings
– [ ] Has access to node benefits
– [ ] Has access to guild settings
– [ ] Has access to guild bank
– [ ] Can manage guild bank
– [ ] Can kick members
– [ ] Can invite members
– [ ] … other guild permissions.

In case there are elections… you also don’t vote for individuals (guildleaders) but for GUILDS. I really don’t get why you would put the individual before the group.

Also build ALL your guild management, node management systems in a way that EVERYONE with the necessary permissions (granted by guild-leader/officer) can access them.

Vincent Clark

It does look beautiful.

Jo Watt

Feels like one of the few if not only game in development that I actually see progress being made.

Not to say the others aren’t but all I ever hear is talk from them. I’m tired of getting words without visuals and big promises.

Happy these guys keep moving along and giving us actual game footage to back up their claims. I can understand being afraid of negative feedback on what you show in early development cycles but when you show nothing and talk promises it’s hard to believe it with all the failures lately.

Looking forward to the Alpha 2 when it hits.


Damn this game is looking so good. Most promising developments I’ve seen in a long time.

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Dean Greenhoe

Looking fun. Keep up the good work and stay safe.


Look’s surprisingly good! Hope they keep that up! Didn’t thought they got that far already *.*