Ashes of Creation shows off an hour’s worth of gameplay from alpha one


Earlier this week, Intrepid Studios had promised to deliver some gameplay from the alpha one build of Ashes of Creation, and deliver it did, with at least an hour of party gameplay that was all killer and no filler.

The stream sought to provide as much of a look at what Ashes of Creation has to offer, with the title’s new hybrid combat, a caravan PvP flagging system, basic mayor node management features, real-time node development, a basic fishing system, and a boss fight (that the devs weren’t supposed to be fighting, apparently).

The stream also detailed some of the systems as well, explaining mayor duties such as allotting coffer money to things like conscripting mercenaries, assigning escorts for caravans, issuing buy orders, and sending emissaries to build trade agreements. It also detailed how node buy-in costs continually increase in order to prevent players from all becoming citizens of only one node, and elaborated on what fishing means for the alchemy profession as well as how certain fish can only be found from certain locations like while on a boat or a ship.

As for when alpha will begin, there’s currently no timetable yet, but there will be other content details and articles that will be released as the devs continue to create content for alpha and add polish. Basically, when it’s done, it’s done. For now, you can get a look at what’s been created thus far in the video embed below.

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