Torchlight III’s latest update raises the max level and wipes all characters


So you’re probably wondering why there’s a goblin-headed Thanos in the header image for this Torchlight III story. For one, the image was too amusing not to use, and two, the latest Mainline patch is snapping its fingers and wiping all characters from the game. Just like the characters in the referenced films, however, players will be able to rise up stronger than before thanks to a new level cap. Cue the victorious music.

This patch raises the level cap to 60 while also forcing everyone to start from scratch, with all characters, items, and Fort objects being swept away. The other adjustments in this patch are generally minor in comparison, including a delay before explosive barrels go boom, requiring a press and hold when upgrading a skill, and a couple of tweaks to the Sharpshooter class. The update has also brought a variety of adjustments to pet effects, increasing their strength while reducing their frequency.

All in all, this seems like a good time to revisit the game or try out what’s different if you’re a regular player, seeing as how everyone’s now on equal footing.

source: Steam

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Buddy Barlow

This game is gonna be dead in the water once it drops…it’s Torch-lite… TL2 is better in every way possible still.


The max level was *lowered* from 100 to 60, not raised to 60! So you actually rise up weaker than before!