Bless Unleashed maps out content updates through November


Bless Unleashed has a content plan and it’s sticking to it. The game has put out a content roadmap for April that outlines plans for the game from May all the way into November, with major updates coming every other month.

  • Starting with May, Bless Unleashed will add two new dungeons, the Blind Executioner Blessing, new Union reward, and a new mount control option.
  • July will see new story quests introduced along with an update to the enhancement system, an Honor system, a new arena, lair, dungeon, and abyssal dungeon, and the start of a summer event.
  • September brings more new instances as well as a fall event, guild XP updates, updates to crafting and new Union quests.
  • Finally, November looks to add a new two-player arena challenge, a new zone, a new crafting system, new elite enemies and field bosses, and a winter event.

The whole roadmap is laid out in infographic form on the game’s website.


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Ive been playing it a bit. Plays nice. I like the controls and movements but not sure if my cleric can heal anything yet. Graphics are a little muddy but overall not bad. The music I quite like. Overall at 20 gigs I don’t think there’s a lot of game here compared too ESO 150 gigs.


I like it as a casual MMO. So much better than the PC incarnation (sadly).

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Jack Pipsam

I still need to give this another shot. I tried it in beta and didn’t entirely hate it. I was surprised to see someone on my Xbox friends list playing it, someone who normally from what I know isn’t into MMOs.
I should give it a download, even just curious how many folks are around, the beta was busy, but it was the beta so perhaps that’s to be expected.


And come December it’ll be sunsetted like every other version of Bless?


Game is multitudes better than the PC MMO and seems to be doing very well.

Jo Watt

Well this one might live twice as long as those ones!