Population Zero apologizes for technical and DLC snafus following early access launch


“No sugar-coating and straight to the point – please accept our sincere apologies for how the launch of Early Access has gone so far.” So begins Population Zero’s state-of-the-game missive to players last night.

As MMO players will recall, the survival MMO entered Steam early access on Tuesday, but it’s been a rocky launch indeed as Enplex Games says it “encountered many technical problems that [it] just could not have detected during the CBT stage.” In its letter, the team apologizes to players and reminds them they can seek refunds, but maybe you’ll want to see what they are fixing first.┬áThe studio is specifically addressing server stability problems, a better in-game system for friends and grouping, and DLC pricing confusion.

“We would also like to apologize to the members of our community who are outraged by the appearance of the Commander Founder Pack on Steam and the fact that it cost less than during the pre-order period via the official site. Firstly, it was a mistake to use the same names of the Founder Packs for the pieces of DLC and bundles on Steam. The latter did not have many items that Founder sets did. Secondly, we were wrong when we set the price for these packs as low as we did. We made the decision to remove all the DLCs from Steam for now and give the players who pre-ordered them via our website some in-game compensation. It may come in form or cosmetics or steam keys for your friends.”

Expect a May and June roadmap “in the next day or two,” followed by a roadmap for the rest of the year.

Source: Steam
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