Mortal Online 2 writes an FAQ and lays out an alpha development roadmap


How are things going in the open sandbox alpha world of Mortal Online 2? It’s hard to really say, since we’re not entrenched in a combat alpha that asks you to shell out $149 for admittance. What we can tell you about, however, are the plans that developer Star Vault has for the game in the near and long-term.

The long-term vision can be sorted out in an FAQ that was written in the beginning of May, which offers some insight into the kind of game that Mortal Online 2 wants to be.

Mortal Online 2 is a believable open world, full pvp, full loot first person sandbox MMORPG in a fantasy setting. You are one of the players that create most of the ingame content with deep crafting systems. Everything you see on a npc or other player you can craft or discover in the game world. We supply the tools and the sand for the players to be creative and explore the game world.”

The FAQ also has a section for players of the first Mortal Online, confirming that the original game will be shut down once MO2 is fully released. It also goes over several system changes that differentiate the first game from the second, such as territory control, flagging, death and resurrection, and more.

As for the near-term vision, the devs have tweeted out the first roadmap, which promises things like new combat input, a new hammer weapon, and new armor for May, a skill window, expanded world, and female avatars in June, and work on other things like shields, spears, dungeons, and enemy AI. The most recent roadmap is below; click on it to expand it to full size.


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I have no faith in this game, looks like another flop about to fall flat on its ass.


The game that’s been running strong for over 10 years so much so that they decided to create a sequel is gonna fall flat on it’s ass?


That’s what I said, what’s your point?

The first game has been a chaotic mess – guilds endorsed by the developers griefing around in an open PvP MMORPG with full loot and whatnot. Now they make a sequel that isn’t any different in terms of PvP rules, what could go wrong?


It has a big enough dedicated fanbase that’s supported it for many years, it will do just fine. I think you should worry about themepark mmo’s you’re used to instead of talking about mmo’s with rulesets that are obviously too hardcore for you bud.


Yeah man, you really showed me here. Now I’m ashamed of myself.

Massive playerbase – 25 people online:

If people can’t be bothered to play it even when it’s F2P, because it’s only freemium, not really F2P, then the game must be a massive letdown.

So killing low level players Is considered “hardcore PvP”? This is probably the most filthy casual thing to do and tbh how a game that is incentivizing that instead of incentivizing competitive play is considering itself as a “hardcore PvP” game is ridiculous. All hardcore PvP players i met over the years wanted a challenge, an opponent and not a cheap victim where victory is meaningless. This is a game for casuals who want to feel great when they slaughter somebody who can´t defend themselves.

You can believe whatever you want, but the game is gonna be a massive flop, and you remember my comment when you spend full price on the game, then watch it only being played by 30 players, then it goes F2P, that doesn’t work out either and then they announce it’s shutting down for good.


Lol the casual comment really tilted you off the earth huh bud? What low level players, only veterans play the game so showing how ignorant you are again nice…and if you look every month before May on steam it had 100+ player peaks and that doesn’t count people who play the launcher, same reason Eve Online has 4x more players online then steamcharts says it does(you too young to understand games were out way before they were on steam?) and those are people paying a monthly sub, this months pop is so low because MO2 alpha came out kid….. Like I said, sorry this games only for hardcore pvpers not people like you who probably think BDO or ESO or is a good game.