Age of Conan’s 12th birthday is splattered with prizes and challenges


Twelve years ago in 2008, Age of Conan launched to great acclaim, bringing a mature-themed fantasy MMORPG to market. Now in 2020, the title is still chugging along thanks to a recent update and this month’s anniversary event.

There’s a lot going on here with the birthday celebrations. The community has been tasked to complete scads of Kuthchemes Temple Onslaught waves in order to earn a vanity headset for everyone. The rest of this vanity set can be by doing up to 20 specific daily quests.

There’s also extra login rewards and a free Gilded Desert Stallion mount for just coming by to check out the game.┬áThe anniversary event will conclude on June 9th, so get out there and collect as many grisly trophies as you can before it’s through!

Source: Age of Conan. Thanks DDOCentral!
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