Black Desert just patched in a full-fledged music composition system for the Shai

Remember when the Shai launched in Black Desert’s PC version last year, and everyone was enthralled with her instrument-wielding bard-like skills? Well, this week the Shai is getting even more bard-like with the addition of a literal music system to the game called “compose and play.” If you’re familiar with LOTRO’s music, then you understand how it’s going to work, only the UI for the system is far more integrated into the game itself, and of course it’s limited to the Shai.

“The new Compose and Play feature will allow players to create intricate musical compositions using a robust editor. While players can compose music on any character, true to her musical inclinations, players will have to use the Shai class to play their composition. With guitar, flute and drums at their disposal; composers can create multiple tracks of music with a variety of sounds to create a rich musical masterpiece. Compositions can vary in BPM, time signature and amount of instruments played and can easily be shared with other players. After unlocking Shai’s unique ‘Talent’ at level 56, players can further improve their musical skills. It’s also possible to form an ensemble of multiple Shai characters playing their instruments and compositions together.”

As part of this week’s patch, Pearl Abyss has also kicked off a music creation contest, a revamp of buyable game packages, and a new adventure log.

YouTube is already offering up some fun music.

Source: Press release, patch notes, walkthrough
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