Guild Wars 2 will make its upcoming 3v3 mini-season a little bit shorter


Guild Wars 2 PvP’ers have perhaps noticed a bit of a lull in regards to information on when the next 3v3 mini-season is set to begin. That silence was broken this past Thursday with an update on some changes coming to 3v3 TDM.

According to the post, players believed that the 2v2 season ran a bit long considering the meta and game mode balance, and the immediate switch between season and mini-season didn’t give players a chance to reset. With that in mind, 3v3 mini-season will be kicking off this coming Tuesday after a week-long break, and the mini-season itself will only run for two weeks. After this mini-season is done, the devs will continue to evaluate the length of the mini-season moving forward.

This mini-season, incidentally, will coincide with the release of No Quarter, so there will be a little something for PvE and PvP players to do.


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