MMOs you’ve never heard of: The Hammer’s End


When you’re trawling the internet for a fresh MMORPG experience that is quite far off the beaten path, you can’t get much more lost in the weeds (and the woods) than with The Hammer’s End.

Billed as “an open-world 3-D MMORPG with a PvE foundation” that offers endgame progression “that provides years of character development,” The Hammer’s End has been around since 2013 and continues to receive updates. In fact, a new “atmosphere engine” was added to the game to spice up the visuals, which actually look charming, and you can choose to play as a frog if you’re tired of being a human.

MMO blogger Bhagpuss of Inventory Full has been playing The Hammer’s End of late, and he says it’s a hidden gem: “There has always been a huge mantle of mystery over The Hammers End. It’s very professionally produced, a fully-fledged MMORPG with content and systems that work. The content may be quite generic and the systems unexceptional but in the era of paid pre-alphas and ‘early access’ that never ends, releasing a game as finished and complete as this seems like a major achievement.”

While you can play the MMO for two weeks for free, you’ll have to pony up for a $15/month subscription after that.

Source: The Hammer’s End. Thanks Bhagpuss!
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