Final Fantasy XI brings back the Sunshine Seeker event on May 29


It’s hard to be a plant in Final Fantasy XI, especially a walking one. After all, people are no doubt looking at you and trying to figure out what vines you drop and how to pop you for that sweet, sweet experience. You can experience some of that yourself when the Sunshine Seeker event returns on May 29th, allowing you to step into the squeaky shoes of a Mandragora in the hopes of earning rewards like your very own Mandragora alter ego and costume.

Players speak with an NPC to take part in the event, resulting in a challenge course of running from light to light while avoiding other planet creatures that will make your life significantly more difficult. Success means seeds, and seeds can be exchanged for valuable items and a prize lottery that can itself be upgraded to a better, rarer prize lottery. It’s a fun chance to run around and experience the joys of being a plant, but without so many people trying to smash your head in for Records of Eminence.


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