Star Citizen shares answers and results from its Theaters of War AMA


This past Friday, the devs of Star Citizen posted their replies to an AMA all about Theaters of War, the combined arms PvP mode that was first unveiled at CitizenCon 2019.

Of particular note is a section that outlined Evocati test results, which unearthed a variety of issues such as persistence and service issues, hardware performance problems, particularly in an active confined space with 40 people, and balance issues between the Buccaneer and Arrow ships. It also provided some positive metrics as well: Out of 117 rounds played, 54% were won by defenders, which CIG considers to be “fairly equal” in terms of balance, and features like chat, party, friend list, and VoIP functions were proven to operate at scale.

The AMA also covers several matters like how the devs plan to tackle low framerate issues, adjustments to movement speed, and how CIG will quantify the mode as ready for release among other answers. There’s a whole big juicy load of A’s to the Q’s, so fans are welcome to take a look.

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