Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol update is set to arrive to PC this week


PC players of Warframe are going to have their hands full later in the week when The Deadlock Protocol arrives to the game, bringing with it some new story elements, a new ‘Frame, and a slew of updates for the Corpus faction.

According to the presser from Digital Extremes, nearly every aspect of the early Corpus environment has been upgraded, including a refreshed Jackal boss fight that extends to multiple levels and support for parkour movement in nearly every room. There’s also a new Granum Crowns currency that can be used to open portals to the Corpus netherrealm. Speaking of the Corpus, the story questline promises to reveal the origins of the group as players fight a sub-faction that seeks to revive its original founder.

In addition, there’s the 43rd ‘Frame Protea coming with this update, along with a new Garuda Hinsa collection, new dojo stuff, and some new kitguns and MOA personality at Fortuna. There are more details on Warframe’s website and some video previews to take in as well.


source: press release, thanks to Sophiskiai for the tip
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