Elite Dangerous is working on a list of Fleet Carrier bugs – including the blonde hair bug


The launch of the Fleet Carriers update to Elite: Dangerous hasn’t exactly gone off without a hitch, as a number of players are reporting a variety of bugs with the update. The good news (hopefully) is that Frontier Developments is well aware of the matter, creating a list of known issues and promising that “the development team are already investigating, [and] the community team are reading all your feedback.” More updates are expected soon.

Of course, those known issues are some of the larger ones. It doesn’t perhaps account for some of the smaller weirdness as well, like the player whose hired crew suddenly all got blonde hair for no reason. “I don’t gently caressing care about the carriers, they don’t bring any benefit to my gameplay, because the whole game is about piloting an own ship (up till now). The SLF crew does,” laments the player. “They were chosen with black skin for a reason. Now I have three hilarious looking freaks like cast from Iron Sky movie.”

source: official forums (1, 2), thanks to Stuart for the tip!
The servers are currently down again to repair some issues. “Some Commanders had their missions removed unexpectedly. This especially affected Commanders undertaking longer missions,” Frontier says. “We will restore missions from before the update to minimise the impact on players. Due to the structure of the missions system, this means that any missions taken after the update will disappear. We’ll implement this in a way to make this as fair as possible – more details will be shared on this after the maintenance.”

Compensation is up now too:

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