EVE Echoes readies up a final playtest before official launch and shares a Q&A


With the mobile MMO EVE Echoes on the horizon, there’s time still for one last test to make sure everything is right and tight. How do you get into said test? Join the game’s Discord, according to an announcement tweet from the devs. The focus of this playtest is pretty general, as it looks to “playtest all current features in the game to ensure the game is fully optimized for the launch.”

If you’d rather not have another Discord server hanging out on your desktop app but are still curious about how EVE Echoes operates, then you perhaps will want to look through some Q&A posts, which are weirdly in image form and not on the game’s website. Still, if you’re curious to know about things like monetization, PvP loot rules, and plans for mining among other things, you can stare at the images below.

source: Twitter (1, 2, 3)
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