New World previews its crafting system and player housing decoration


Yesterday’s New World dev blog was all about character development and progression, and it was a bit of a let down for folks who were hoping for something revolutionary. Today’s piece focuses on crafting, and it too describes a system that will look familiar to longtime MMORPG veterans. In fact, we’re sensing some Elder Scrolls Online vibes along with the level-by-crafting mechanics: As you level up your crafting skills, you produce better stuff with a scaling score span for each material and tier you learn to work. It’s pretty basic.

The dev vlog also explains the perk system (random bonuses while crafting), sockets (for gems), and Azoth (a resource for improving perks). And there’s a promise from Amazon Games about high-end crafting items being just as good as the drops in the world, allowing crafters a true role in the game. But probably the most interesting chunk is on New World’s housing system and how the crafting and homes interface.

“In New World, we want your house to feel like a home. This means being able to decorate and furnish your house. Furnishing works a little bit differently than the other crafting skills. It is important to us to maximize the variety of furniture items that can be crafted, but we don’t want there to be a huge barrier for players who just want to decorate their house. As a result, decoratives can be crafted from a low Furnishing level. In addition, Furnishers can also craft a selection of trophies and storage for houses. House trophies grant passive bonuses for things like combat and crafting, and are explained in depth in our article about Housing. Each house can have a number of storage chests. Adding a Storage Chest to your house increases you storage volume for that house’s Settlement. Recipes for trophies and storage unlock as your progress your furnishing skill. We’re excited to see all the ways you will decorate your home.”


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Giskard Daneel

And there’s a promise from Amazon Games about high-end crafting items being just as good as the drops in the world, allowing crafters a true role in the game.

The promise should be that the player crafted items will always be better than items dropped in the world. From low-end to high-end, player crafted items should be the best.

Amazon wants to give special drops to high-end mobs? Let it be high-end crafting mats, but not actual gear.

Let player crafting actually matter, from low-end to high-end gear.


I’ve seen some screenshots of houses in New World, they look smaller and more ugly than in games like ESO, I doubt that any furnishing will significantly improve it.


Last I heard there were no orange crafts at this time so drop loot is definitely better. Crafting system is pretty boring now that you can get loot drops as quest reward loot and group event loot. People usually just do those instead. Otherwise you can look forward to an Elder Scrolls style Skyrim system where you just grind out a billion basic items for crafting XP. Since items don’t decay and you don’t lose them crafting is pretty much a non-factor all around.

However consumables are pretty useful all around and things like furniture are still crafting based as well. Pretty standard themepark crafting system now where consumables are great but the gear is sourced elsewhere.

David Blair

Like-New Used World?


Is it still the case, however, that your house has to be in a settlement that will be attacked (and thus likely eventually ransacked) by either PvP or PvE sieges?

Because if it’s going to get regularly destroyed, then (much like all the other “spend hours and hours to make sandcastles for the barbarians to come along and kick over for the luls” games? Hard pass from me.


The player housing doesn’t get destroyed when settlements change hands. They’re premade lots that are instanced per person, probably the best comparison would be BDO’s housing.


As laelgon said your housing never gets touched even if the town changes hands via a PvP war match. The bigger issues you run into with the housing system currently are:

1. If someone else takes over the town, they change the tax rate. So if you’re happy with your town and someone takes over and cranks up the taxes now you gotta pay more rent. You can move everything, but obviously that’s a pain in the ass and of course someone might just take over that town and crank up those taxes again.

2. Towns have to be upgraded and maintained by the owners. If they stop or don’t do this when someone new takes over you could find the town you base yourself out of is basically no longer really usable.

So town owners can have a direct impact on your experiences of town life there.


Sound pretty damn great but..
Whenever I hear of New World promises I can’t help but think “how are you going to make all these things in such short time ?”. Either many of these things are far into the future or I am reading too much into it, interpreting depth that will not be there.