Star Trek Online promises Romulan boosting while fan podcast calls for a boycott of the game in support of Black Lives Matter

That's Trek for you.

The developers behind Star Trek Online are letting players boost up a Romulan. A new level boost pack coming soon allows you to start a Romulan character at level 65, with an assortment of high-level items while also letting you pick your faction, skills, and the like. There’s also the prospect of a new legendary ship just for Romulan captains, thus letting you feel appropriately Romulan even if you are performing operations with the Klingons or the Federation.

Of course, long-running fan podcast Priority One wants players to do something other than boosting a Romulan; according to a new editorial signed by the entire Priority One team, players should participate in a boycott of the game from June 19th through the 21st to encourage Cryptic as a company to act in support of Black Lives Matter. The editorial specifically cites posts stating support and calls for the studio to take direct action to demonstrate that support beyond simply a social media post. Which, you know, is… pretty much what you should expect from Star Trek fans.

The post points out that PWE’s Echtra Games and multiple Cryptic devs have tweeted in support of the movement, as has official Trek itself, leading players to conclude that PWE is silent on purpose.

“Often, as gamers, we turn to the ‘ol, “vote with your wallet” when we get pissed over a new update, a new in-game item, or some other new feature. Well, now, we have a much bigger issue than the pay-gated content you hoped would be free to attain. Right now, we need to log-off. As the video game industry is booming because of stay at home orders, we are asking you to log out of the game. If metrics are what they’re after, then let’s demonstrate – with absolute resolve – that Black Lives Matter. That no one should be marginalized for their race, creed, religious beliefs. That liberty and justice for ALL does not come with a disclaimer. I’m asking that you join us in staying offline and do not log in to Star Trek Online on June 19th, 20th, and 21st. Don’t log in to run your DoFFs. Don’t log in to beat the Kobayashi Maru Scenario. DON’T BUY ZEN. Just DON’T.”

The boycott, as noted, is between June 19th and June 21st.

Source: Official Facebook, Priority One; thanks to the Grand Nagus and Anonymous for the tip!
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