The Soapbox: #DayOffTwitch illustrates how good intentions break under bad planning

Those of you reading this probably know me as someone who wears one of three hats here at MOP: a news writer, the Choose...

Niantic finally reverted the Pokemon GO COVID interaction radius after player boycott

It seems the blowback from the Pokemon GO community in response to Niantic's gym/Pokestop situation had some teeth after all. While the community -...
Torgy torgy

Blizzard workers address the drawbacks of boycotts, gamers lament WoW’s deep decline

Ever since California filed a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard in July, the industry has been appalled, but it's also been squabbling...

Pokemon Go players intensify boycott over COVID rollbacks as Niantic offers only minor concessions

Anyone who follows our Massively on the Go column and its long-running Pokemon Go coverage knows that Niantic has faced years of criticism from...
And chill.

Chinese Overwatch teams are boycotting a South Korean player who called out Chinese policies

Another year, another furor involving Blizzard, boycotts, China, and livestream remarks. Sounds familiar, eh? Well, the situation is a little bit different this time...
That's Trek for you.

Star Trek Online promises Romulan boosting while fan podcast calls for a boycott of the game in support of Black Lives Matter

The developers behind Star Trek Online are letting players boost up a Romulan. A new level boost pack coming soon allows you to start...

Leaderboard: Four months after the Blitzchung Hong Kong mess, are you still boycotting Blizzard?

MOP reader Pepperzine recently dropped us an email about Blizzard that we've put off until today very intentionally. Why? Because tomorrow, Activision-Blizzard releases its...

Massively OP’s 2019 Awards: MMO Story of the Year

Massively Overpowered’s end-of-the-year 2019 awards continue today with our award for Biggest MMO Story of the Year, which was awarded to the Daybreak/Columbus Nova saga...
Please love me again.

Fight or Kite: PvP games to play if you’re still boycotting Blizzard

The past couple of weeks in the land of Blizzard have made for a wild ride. Some of us have extremely strong feelings and...

The Daily Grind: Will BlizzCon weaken gamers’ #BoycottBlizzard resolve?

Two forces are destined to collide at this coming weekend's BlizzCon: the force of fan fury over Blizzard's recent actions and the force of...

Not So Massively: The Blizzard I loved is dead

This week's Not So Massively column was supposed to be a wishlist of things I want from an announcement of Diablo IV. When I...
Ohhh snap.

The Daily Grind: What’s the longest MMO boycott you’ve run?

There are a lot of games I don't have any desire to play, and then there's Star Wars: The Old Republic. I still have...
Hello, I am still the villain.

Players, pros, and politicians join in protest over Blizzard’s censorship of Hong Kong Hearthstone pro

The furor over Blizzard's ban of a Hong Kong Hearthstone pro player and apparent firing of two Taiwanese commentators has only increased since its...
lol, valve

Dota 2 fans boycott ESL’s Facebook streaming platform over Twitch banwave

In today's edition of "who's boycotting whom now," it's Dota 2 players' turn in the spotlight! According to Polygon, the community unrest began last week,...