EverQuest’s Jen Chan apologizes for ongoing issues, compensates players

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Apparently it’s been a rough scene in both EverQuest games over the past few months. And this isn’t coming from our readers; Darkpaw’s Jen Chan came out to say as much in a lengthy letter to both communities.

“We’ve been moving at a breakneck speed to grow into our newly formed Darkpaw studio and ensure that Norrath is around for many more years to come,” Chan wrote. “Unfortunately, in our haste our raid wiped. We’ve failed ourselves and we’ve sadly failed you, our dear friends, but we’ve reviewed our parses and we have new strats.”

Chan promised more transparency and addressed issues such as the extended downtime of late May, problems with lag, and the balance between getting content out quickly while testing it thoroughly. “I’ve asked the team to double down on our current efforts in stability, performance, and quality,” she said.

As compensation for the issues, EverQuest II is giving all players a Samenda Honorhoof mount, while EverQuest is tossing its players a 25% XP bonus on all servers that will run from now to the 17th. And speaking of improving quality, EverQuest II put out a bundle of fixes yesterday, so make sure you read up on those patch notes.

Source: EverQuest, EverQuest II. Thanks Wilhelm!
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