Hearthstone previews card balance adjustments coming in July


Getting ahead of meta changes in Hearthstone is likely always welcome for players of the digital CCG, so Blizzard has shared a heads-up on the game’s forums of several different card balance changes that will arrive on Tuesday, July 14th.

The adjustments are pretty specific to certain cards in the Standard format like Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, Kayn Sunfury, Dragoncaster, and Fungal Fortunes to name a few. Craftable cards in the list will be available for a full dust refund for two weeks after the patch arrives should anyone want to. The post also promises that there will be Battlegrounds updates in the near future as well, though specifics aren’t provided.

If you play Standard, then you’re going to want to check which cards are being tuned and adjust your deck strategy accordingly.


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Totes McGoats

If only someone could have predicted allowing zero cost cards would be a bit overpowered…


The thing they really need to get a handle on is netdecking. The meta is always dominated by 3 to 4 decks that function in a “Rock Paper Scissors” manner, they need those decks and new decks take their role which are then nerfed in the near future. They really need to increase deck variety.