The Elder Scrolls Online shares another 360° preview of a Stonethorn dungeon and adds it to PTS


It’s time for not-really virtual reality with The Elder Scrolls Online once again! Following up on a similar dungeon preview for the upcoming Stonethorn DLC, the game has shared yet another 360° peek at Stone Garden, the second dungeon included in the DLC pack.

If you love Dwemer machinistry, you’ll be a fan of this one, as it sets the view squarely at the entrance of some giant Dwemer-styled generator of some sort. There also appear to be some monsters in pods hanging from the ceiling, which are almost certain not to break open to assault players because that never happens in dungeons.

If you’re the sort who would rather check out this dungeon for yourself instead of through a preview image, then you’ll want to log on to the PTS, as the dungeon will be added at some point later today. Otherwise, have yourself a look around.

source: Facebook

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Logged into this game not too long ago. It’s just so unrecognizable as an elder scrolls game to me, it’s really unfortunate.

It’s not a bad game, it’s a decent mmo it’s just a bad elder scrolls game. Really a missed opportunity and it makes me worried about ES6.


Decent mmo? You obviously didn’t play it long, it’s barely an mmo anymore, they’ve even removed the ability to group in group battlegrounds. ESO’s been experiencing the worst ever performance for the past year+, just had a universally accepted as worst chapter (expansion) yet, and is continuously plagued with hundreds of bugs at a time. It’s a cash shop/loot crate cash cow until ES 6.