Blade & Soul’s Dark Passage patch is live today with a new 12-person raid

Happy patch day for Blade & Soul fans! Dark Passage is officially live today. At the core of the update is the Silversteel Laboratory, a 12-person raid for the level 60 HM 16 and up folks.

“Lead Engineer Shingun has discovered Silversteel automaton protypes from what remains of the Steelbreaker. Instead of destroying these robotic creations, he and his team have decided to rebuild the automatons to better serve the Talus Dominion. Some quality control and testing are needed for these former Silversteel automatons, and this is where you come in…”

The patch also includes additions to the weapon enchantment system, the Nyraka zone for hunting and PvP, and new daily events. Patch notes are up on the official site. Have fun!

Source: Patch notes
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