Guild Wars 2’s voice actors miss you, too


On the last episode of the podcast, Bree said that she was going to hold off playing any of the newer Guild Wars 2 episodes until ArenaNet was able to record and incorporate the voice acting into them. She’s not alone in feeling as if something vital has gone missing from the MMO’s storytelling in this pandemic season; many fans dearly miss the verbal banter of the game’s beloved NPCs.

Well, it turns out that the voice actors miss you all just as much as you miss them. The core group of eight voice actors (who cover a wide range of roles) recorded a special two-minute message of love and hope from their homes, which you can watch below:

The next episode of the game, Jormag Rising, is due to release on July 28th without voice-over.

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Hikari Kenzaki

I’m seeing a lot of comments that are of the same vein as the ‘just release it’ folks that think it’s just a simple thing that they’re not doing to piss off customers. It’s unintentionally belittling of VO and the work that goes into it.

More and more VAs are establishing their own home recording studios, but not everyone has them. Some of these actors aren’t fulltime VOs and don’t really have the resources to just build a studio in their house in a pandemic.

Additionally, there is a lot more that goes on face to face when you have a director, engineers, and such on hand. There is a lot more work in VO than just stepping in front of a microphone and talking.

Hikari Kenzaki

Should also note that a huge VO nerd (me) and huge B5 nerd (Natalyia) somehow managed to miss that Claudia Christian was the Norn PC voice…

We had to go in and play some Norn story quests. That dang dragon fight though…


Even professional VA’s (like Sam Riegel) don’t always have a recording studio–or at least one meant for actual VO work. The spot you see him in, for instance, is his recording space. It’s the space he used for a podcast with another VA, and for any recordings like the side content for Critical Role at the moment, or audition reels. But ‘studio’ quality Recording space is really hard to just… set up in your house. Especially if you have family.

You can find the most central point of the house, but a house simply isn’t built to dampen out sound like a proper studio booth. There’s a few series currently running that put up a disclaimer noting VA is recorded at home/elsewhere due to COVID… and while I’m not going to claim there is some massive difference? There are differences in audio quality. Not that they’re bad… but, just different. Stuff that audio engineers and mixers can only touch up so much.

And a professional studio environment wouldn’t have that issue.

A closet, a bathroom, a blanket over your head and towels stuffed against doors… Those always will.


I really hope ANet can work out a way to record these remotely, their story content really suffers without it. I’d take lower quality audio work over none at all for the time being.

Matthäus Wey

I sure do wonder why everyone seems able to record VA but Anet.


The voices in GW2 really make the world come alive. So many MMOs have limited, or no, voice and just present blocks of text to read. While I tend to listen to voice interactions (SWTOR and Outer Worlds spring to mind), skipping blocks of text to get to the single line of really important information and move things along is oh so tempting.

I hope that GW2 does get its voice back and this event is not just used as an excuse to cut the expense. Voices, please! :)

Marvin Marshall
Marvin Marshall

One would think that you could remotely record their voices…


If the writing hasn’t improved not sure there’s really a difference.

Bruno Brito

Hey, it’s better whan WoW.


This is a very classy move.
I have never played Guild Wars 2 but upon watching this video I feel like I missed out on something great.