World Seed makes an MMO out of a board game


When you think about it, combining board games with MMORPGs isn’t the worst idea in the world. Graphical MUDs and games like Stash have brought this kind of experience to players for years now, but it may be that World Seed represents the next level of board game MMOs.

World Seed is heavily inspired by classic tabletop board games,” the developer explained. “The core gameplay lets you move around on a world-board, clearing out tile after tile, either for crafting materials, epic battles with creatures, or just to simply explore the world. Every hour, the world of World Seed reshapes with new content.”

World Seed was developed by Swedish creator Kim Korte, who launched the title back in February. Currently, the beta is sitting on a “very positive” rating on Steam and is available for six bucks if you want to help pay for server costs. The developer also noted that it can be played for free in your browser.

If you’d like to see it in action, one player posted hours of footage of what appears to be a pretty mellow gameplay experience:

Source: Steam, World Seed
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