Red Dead Online ends its content drought with today’s Frontier Pursuit, the Naturalist


Just two weeks ago, we covered the simultaneously amusing and sad story about Red Dead Online players dressing up as clowns to protest a huge content drought in the game. I mean, clowns? They’re funny. But content droughts? Not funny. Especially when the content lapse goes on for months and months and months.

In any case, the clowns can put side their goofy outfits and creepy masks now (hopefully?) as Rockstar’s made good on last week’s promise to actually, you know, update the live service semi-MMO game. Rockstar’s patch notes and splash page promise the new Naturalist specialist role as the centerpiece of the update.

“The world of Red Dead Online continues to evolve with a new Frontier Pursuit featuring a unique path and activities to help you carve out a life for yourself on the frontier. […] The new Naturalist Specialist Role opens a new path around tracking, studying and hunting animals. Naturalists get access to a new role progression, gameplay and several items. To gain access to the Role, visit the Welcome Center in the town of Strawberry to purchase the Sample Kit from Harriet Davenport to get started.”

To go along with the new playstyle, the devs have added new legendary animal species, two new free roam events (Protect Legendary Animal and Wild Animal Tagging), new vendors, new missions and dynamic events, wilderness camps, new dailies, new awards, and collections – it’s a lot.

And that’s only a bare skim of the naturalist-related patch notes; dedicated players should have a flip through the whole list; expect new weapons, hairstyles, camera, emotes, horsie stuff, crafting recipes, the old PS4 exclusives, UI quality-of-life tweaks, balancing for the economic and dailies and so many bug and role fixes, and more.

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