The Guild Wars 2 community is debating whether precursors belong in lockboxes


Guild Wars 2 players are busy on Reddit this week debating whether precursors should be even tangentially in the Black Lion chest loot table following a game update that added Gnashblade’s Exotic Weapon Grab Bag (which had a remote chance to drop precursors) to the game’s lockboxes. ArenaNet has already hotfixed the grab bag to remove that chance, but the discussion forges onward all the same, as precursors are valuable loot necessary for crafting legendary weapons.

“There are things in this game that should not drop from BL chests – and precursors are one of them,” posits the original post, though there are some replies that counter the take. One of the first points out that getting a Permanent Bank Contract drop is worth enough gold to purchase seven Dusk precursors or one Eternity precursor from the Trading Post, or as the reply puts it, “Having a tiny chance to get a precursor from the bonus box is really not an issue: it’s all just gold in the end.” Another reply, meanwhile, seems to be pretty ambivalent to the addition, pointing out the various other ways precursors can be attained.

Still others believe that the addition is a slippery slope that devalues earning an item through a drop or enters pay-to-win territory. Others simply (and understandably) hate all things lootbox.¬†We’re curious about your reactions to this addition, so feel free to sound off in the comments.

source: Reddit
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