Check out Sims 4 builds for living in Dalaran or Darnassus… or in a world of Overwatch

Much better.

You probably do not want to live in Darnassus in World of Warcraft. For one thing, it’s on fire. For another, even when it isn’t on fire it’s a world perpetually being invaded by demons or satyrs or undead or demonic undead satyrs or some damn thing or another. But what if you had a version of the city wherein the worst potential invasion was of people in llama costumes yelling nonsensical gibberish at one another? Welcome to Darnassus… but it’s in The Sims 4.

Yes, the Night Elf city has been recreated in the game, but it’s not alone; Dalaran is also available, as is an entire world based upon the cast and crew of Overwatch (with notable omissions, chiefly the lack of any gorilla options). If you’ve ever wanted a PvE version of Overwatch or a build of Dalaran with more living space and significantly less world-ending calamity, well, now you have your options.

Source: Mod The Sims (1, 2, 3)
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