Path of Exile begins stirring the hype for its next expansion, dates a reveal for September 1


In an announcement of several announcements, Grinding Gear Games is looking to drum up excitement for Path of Exile’s next expansion, which is still on track for a release on Friday, September 18th, though that release date might change between now and then.

As with previous expansions, there will be supporter packs on sale for PC players with packs for console to arrive shortly after the expansion lands on those platforms. This time around, however, supporter packs launched alongside Harvest will stay in the store for the duration of the 3.12 league, granting fans more time to decide whichever supporter pack they prefer.

Before all of that, however, is the official reveal of the next expansion, which is set for Tuesday, September 1st, at 5:00 p.m. EDT. So, basically, things are still on their original schedule; we just now have a little bit more initial information.

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