Torchlight III’s next early access patch reworks Dusk Mage, adds a training dummy


Get ready, get set, and go… wait a little while until Torchlight III’s next patch arrives. You won’t have to wait long, as the update for the early access title is coming on September 9th, carrying with it a raft of adjustments and a couple of new features.

The big change here is a rework to how the Dusk Mage’s core mechanic, light and dark meters, work. “Rather than each charge bar rewarding its own buff, Dusk Mages will now trigger Harmonic Form only when both the Light and Dark charge bars are filled,” Echtra explained. “The goal here is to make the Dusk Mage more approachable by way of a more powerful baseline while still keeping the feeling of entering into a ‘super mode’ by charging up the Dark and Light bars – all while not needing to take much power away from the buffs themselves.”

The update will also scale back excessive monster health, grant more XP to boss and champion mobs, add the training dummy as a player fort option, and tack on 10 more skill points for player progression. The studio said that it is going to reset skill points as a result, so make sure you re-spend those when you log back in next week.

Source: Steam
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