Players waged over a thousand PvP wars during New World’s preview week


With New World’s preview week in the rear view mirror, we’re left with various impressions and a whole lot of data for the development team to analyze. While Amazon isn’t sharing any hard numbers in terms of how many people tested it or for how long, the studio certainly seems free with all sorts of fun and silly facts.

For example, the studio said that during the test week, players killed 8 million turkeys, while 94,000 alligators killed players. Also, 430 million units of hemp were gathered, which Amazon is pointing to while waggling its eyebrows.

The only really useful facts given here is that over the course of the test, 11.5 million missions were completed and 1,200 PvP wars took place. It certainly paints a picture of a very active test, if nothing else.

So what’s next for the game? Amazon says that it’s working on “the next phase of testing” for sometime in November.

Source: Twitter
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