TERA on console makes a wide swath of adjustments to awakened class skills and maps out the rest of 2020


Players of TERA on console that have an awakened class are going to want to pay attention to the latest update’s patch notes because things are a-changin’. This patch has introduced some balance adjustments and improvements to awakened classes, affecting every single class in the game to varying degrees, though the most numerous are applied to Gunners and Brawlers.

In addition to these changes, the update has opened up new enchantment levels for Heroic Oath equipment, opened up a hard version of the Grotto of Lost Souls dungeon while also closing several other dungeons, changed some of the drops from monsters in hard mode Ruinous Manor and Harrowhold, and made some improvements to leveling dungeons and quests among other things. It might be light on content to actively play, but this new patch is certanly not shallow from a mechanical standpoint.

On the subject of important changes to console players of TERA, you’ll want to make sure you consent to have your data transferred when the game changes hands to its new steward, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that update. New players won’t be able to roll new accounts in in interim either. There’s also a development roadmap shared by the devs that outlines plans for the second half of 2020.


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