Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts says the game’s economy simulation tech is still a ways off

10 minus 9 for the Chairman


Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts, bleary-eyed and exhausted from the self-reported “running a company of 630 people spread around the globe, while directing two projects [which] already takes way more than 40 hours a week,” thought to himself, “What if I open an AMA but I only answer one question that others vote up and as long as that question follows certain guidelines?” And so he did.

Roberts opened himself up to fans for one player question (and one only) as upvoted by the community, so long as the question didn’t ask about timelines, have multiple questions about different topics, and focused on existing systems. The “winning” answer was one about the game’s Quantum system, which readers will recall is the economic simulation system that will be used to power supply, demand, resources, and in-universe NPC needs; the tech was unveiled at last year’s CitizenCon.

As for that answer, Roberts stated that the devs are further fleshing out Quanta behaviors and linking the system to services in order to drive things players are doing in the PU alpha. The goal (not promise, Roberts hastens to point out) is to have elements of the system come online towards the back end of next year.

source: official forums, thanks to Würger for the tip!
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