The Division 2 launches Season 3 and Title Update 11, announces another free weekend and Twitch drops


Whether you’re chasing a rogue agent or climbing up the floors of a skyscraper, the recent update for The Division 2 has plenty of things for players to take on with the arrival of Title Update 11 and Season 3, the latter of which has more information on objective timing with a calendar detailing what’s going down over the next 12 weeks.

In celebration of the new update, the game is launching yet another free weekend between September 24th (that’s today!) and 27th, with any progress carried over from previous free weekends and discounts up to 85% for purchasing the game. In addition, there’s some new Twitch Drops to chase as well, which will reward things like caches and a unique Milkshake backpack trophy.

You can find the calendar of events for Season 3 below to plan your objective chases, along with a release trailer for those who want some sizzle with their information.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter

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Update’s a bit of a mess so far but apparently they at least patched the Stranded Tanker bug so that mission isn’t broken anymore. Not sure if they’ve fixed the infinite loop on the manhunt cinematic.

Thus far my experience with the patch is…not good.

Tried Summit at level 1 (to earn the exotic chest you need drops from these floors) and got to floor 7 before the infinite manhunt bug hit me. Was boring as piss which is a bit to be expected since it’s normal. I need to try it on heroic, but I’m not loving the aesthetics of it at all so far. Random chests are nice though, I like those.

Cosmetic mods seem great! Started an alt to go collect all the old grey/green/blue quality stuff and…ran into a bug in the first mission after the tutorial, awesome.

Overall…kinda meh. Summit seems really underwhelming compared to Underground (I went back and reinstalled/played TD1 to confirm). I’m curious to see what other changes they’ll roll out post-launch, but it looks like it needs quite a bit of love.

Unrelated: What the hell hapened to some of the animations between the two games? Like, the running animation went from a great looking cycle in TD1 where it looks like your whole body moves to…the butt-sprinting that originated in Gears of War and games can’t seem to stop copying since. As painfully rough as the UI and some elements are in TD1, it really feels like Massive took a lot of steps backwards with the sequel.

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I feel like Division 2 is one of those games that looks like the best thing ever when you present it as a list of features, but in reality the execution is just off enough to ruin it

Kallist Nemain

The fact that they didn’t make the briefing bug as a high priority is mind blowing. 3 weeks in the PTU with players reporting it. Apparently a Dev was live streaming the new tower yesterday when they had to end it early because of the bug.