Last Oasis adds the Panda Walker and a new map, prepares to introduce a beta test branch soon


A couple of weeks have slid by, which means there have been a couple of updates for survival sandbox Last Oasis. Last week saw the addition of the Panda Walker, a new vehicle that’s custom-built to carry every type of Walker (except another Panda) and has a total of five slots to do so. As for this week, there’s a new Volcanyon map that, as its portmanteau name suggests, combines volcanic map and canyon map features into one unique little hellscape.

In addition to these new updates, the devs at Donkey Crew have announced that there will be a beta test branch of the game coming soon, which will introduce the first parts of the upcoming commerce update. Yes, a beta test build for a game in early access. These are the times we’re living in now.

Not only does this mean that players can kick the tires of the new update and provide their feedback, but the primary servers will not see a wipe in October. More details on the beta branch will be part of a community post that will be shared at some point tomorrow, October 1st.

source: Steam (1, 2)

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What do they need a beta test branch for, there are only 200 people left playing this mess. This is what you get when a developer is too stubborn to listen to the players.