ZeniMax Online Studios appears to be ramping up development of its long-speculated new MMO

Good news, friends! I have terrible news.

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on with that new IP that’s almost certainly in development at ZeniMax Online Studios… well, we don’t know yet. But we do know that development seems to be ramping up, with more job listings and hiring offers looking for a larger number of people to round out the development team. If you’ve forgotten about it altogether, though, now’s a great time to get caught back up!

Back in October 2018 we first reported on the team behindĀ The Elder Scrolls Online hiring for a project connected to an exciting new IP, with the title confirmed to be in development in May of 2019. Based on listings the title was assumed to be an MMO, and hires this past April seemed to further support that theory. While we still haven’t been told any details, the new round of hires makes it clear development is ramping up… which suggests we’ll learn more about it beforeĀ too many more years pass.

Source: PC Games N; thanks to Randomness for the tip!
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