Yes, CCP London is still working on an unannounced new online title (or titles)


The HR department over at CCP London is looking pretty busy in recent days. The satellite branch of CCP Games has kicked out another two tweets in search of an audio engineer and a contracted balancing designer, the latter of which will be working on an “unannounced online shooter.”

The distinction of online shooter is important to note here, as previous hiring calls for the same office have referenced an unannounced action MMORPG, which means that either CCP London is going to have an online action shooter MMO or is working on two entirely separate games. It’s also very likely that this online shooter is coming from the bones of Project Nova, which readers will recall was officially cancelled in February of this year.

In more immediate EVE Online news, EVE Down Under will kick off this weekend as a digital event, promising updates, an AMA, and a PvP tournament. Those interested in following along can tune in to CCP’s Twitch channel.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official site

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I wouldn’t hold my breath on this. If CCP is known for anything, it’s being unable to finish projects.


“And the next abandoned before it’s finished CCP project is:” ;)

Tee Parsley

Well, they are under new management, so maybe they can actually get something out properly.


Hoping they can actually get something out without cancelling it.