Beyond the Wire thrusts you into a WWI multiplayer battlefield


While World War II has been done and done and done some more in the gaming space, its prequel hasn’t gotten as much coverage. That’s what makes Beyond the Wire so interesting, as it’s a World War I multiplayer shooter that goes back to an earlier era of warfare.

Available on Steam early access, Beyond the Wire recruits players to enter the trenches of WWI and fight as a soldier across No Man’s Land. “In battles up to 50v50, players will be immersed in cinematic environments that convey the desperate and brutal circumstances of the Great War,” said developer Redstone Interactive.

The studio promises “an authentic arsenal and a unique melee combat system” for the first-person shooter. The $35 price tag might hold testers from jumping into this early on, however, unless the setting provides enough pull to overcome that.

Source: Steam

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Turing fail
Turing fail

From what I know about WWI ground combat, I suppose it “hasn’t gotten as much coverage” in video games as its WWII counterpart due to the futile nature of marching toward enemy machine guns while artillery rains death upon you.